“You’re the best performer I’ve ever seen.”

OWEN, Fifth Grader

Some/Antics, Semantics

Real live juggling show for the entire family

Written and performed by Sara Felder

World-class juggling diva and irresistible monologist presents an engaging show that features original comic routines and juggling creations.  Drawing on her sharp wit and insightful eye, Sara delivers juggling virtuosity, vivid monologues, sacred clowning and evocative poems (one of which the audience writes collectively!)  Her performance includes the tossing of balls, knives, scarves, cigar boxes, Barbie dolls, rubber chickens, feathers, a crystal ball, a bowling ball and a cassette player (not at the same time).  Affirming families of every shape – interfaith, interracial, single-parented, divorced, same-sex parented, formed through adoption – Sara’s show is original, funny and real.


Running time: flexible

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Some Antics & Semantics Tech: High-tech, low-tech, no-tech –and flexible in terms of space and running time