“Whoever thought a dyke with three balls could rival Chagall for lyricism?”


June Bride

The story of a traditional Jewish lesbian wedding… with juggling.

Written and performed by Sara Felder
Directed by Jayne Wenger
Developed with Jael Weisman
Lighting design by Jim Cave
Set design by Vola Ruben
Sound design by J. Raoul Brody
Costumes by Keiko Shimosato
Technical direction by Harry Rubeck

Sara Felder is not your average award-winning solo theater artist, playwright, monologist and humorist. She’s also a world-class juggling diva. In this fabulous tale of a traditional Jewish lesbian wedding, Sara takes us from an awkward first date to the culmination of the wedding ceremony -- the shattering of the wine glass under the wedding canopy. In between, we meet the reluctant parents, the blissful brides, and the ageless spirit of the Jewish tradition. The questions remain: Will their parents attend the wedding? Will their marriage be accepted by the Jewish faith? Will the brides both wear wedding gowns? June Bride has delighted audiences in nearly 30 cities in North America and Europe. The show features 3 ball juggling, compelling rhythms, sharp knives, colorful scarves, a rhyming poem, a crystal ball, and, we hope, a strait jacket escape.

While public discourse on civil law and religious ceremonies in regard to same-sex marriage continue to grab headlines, June Bride enters this conversation with a provocative and hilarious story of family, tradition and marriage in modern America.

Running time: 1.5 hours plus intermission.

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Ann Arbor News
Baltimore Sun: 3/8
Baltimore Sun: 3/10
Metro Weekly
Santa Cruz
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Guardian
St Louis

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Recommended for adults and children over 12 years old.